FRANK MUGYENYI - Senior Industry Advisor in the Office of the Commissioner for Trade and Industry, African Union Commission (AUC)

Frank Mugyenyi is  a development economist with vast experience and specialization in  economics for African development. He joined the AUC Department of Trade  and Industry in 2013 as a Senior Industry Adviser.  In this capacity,  Mr. Mugyenyi is spearheading the implementation of the Africa Mining  Vision (AMV) as a framework to optimize exploitation of Africa’s  abundant resources to underpin a broad based social and economic  structural transformation of African economies.  The AMV calls on  African countries to add value to the mineral resources in Africa and to  take advantage of backward and forward linkages. It is acknowledged  that the transformative role of the minerals sector would contribute to  inclusive growth and sustainable development and can create jobs and  that economic returns would be higher if the minerals are processed on  the continent.

Prior to that he worked as an Industry Expert and  Senior Economist for a number of organizations including the United  Nations, The Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) and  other private organizations. Mr. Mugyenyi has also held high level  positions in various institutions both in the United Kingdom and Africa,  mainly in trade and industrial policy, value chain analysis and  strategy development, private sector development.

Mr. Mugyenyi  has worked with and advised African Ministers responsible for Industry  and Mineral Resource Development and is a Member of the Board of  Governors and the Governing Council for ministerial policy for the  African Minerals and Geoscience Centre.

Mr. Mugyenyi has also  been instrumental in the strengthening of the sub-regional private  sector institutions and apex bodies including the Common Market for  Eastern and Southern Africa – COMESA Business Council, the COMESA  leather and Leather Products Institute, as well as the establishment of  the Network of African Chamber of Mines and Petroleum and the African  Women in Mining Association.

 He is currently engaged in  establishing a concrete collaboration between the Canada-Africa Chamber  of Business and the Africa Union Commission with a view to raising  awareness about the increasing investment opportunities in Africa in the  mining sector, infrastructure and energy.

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