MIKE LOCH - Founder and President of Responsible Trade, LLC

 With  over 30 years of industry experience, Mr. Loch is one of the most  recognized conflict minerals experts in the world, and was named the  Number One Conflict Minerals Influential Leader on the Top 100 Conflict  Minerals Influential Leaders by Assent Global.

Prior to founding  Responsible Trade, LLC., he served as the Director, Supply Chain  Corporate Responsibility for Motorola Solutions where he was responsible  for Motorola’s Global Supplier Corporate Responsibility Program with a  focus on supply chain, environmental, health and safety management,  conflict minerals, international standards, and green manufacturing.

Mike  has served in numerous leadership positions in the development and  launch of several global conflict minerals initiatives. He was a member  of the Governance Committee of the Public Private Alliance for  Responsible Minerals Trade, and he served as co-chair of the Conflict  Free Sourcing Initiative for over 7 years, during which the CFSI  developed the Conflict Free Smelter Program (now RMI – Responsible  Minerals Initiative) and Conflict Minerals Reporting Template. Mike has  been active in development of the OECD Due Diligence Guidance for  Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals from Conflict-Affected and  High-Risk Areas (OECD Due Diligence) and served as the electronics  industry representative on the OECD Forum’s Multi-Stakeholder Steering  Group. He continues to meet with U.S. Government officials to discuss  the effectiveness of section 1502 of Dodd Frank. Mike also led the  development and launch of the Solutions for Hope project in DRC.  He has  worked in the DRC, Uganda and Rwanda, where he has visited mine sites,  trading houses, NGO’s and regional governmental representatives to gain a  local perspective of the issues and challenges facing the tantalum  industry and continues to interact with government officials in the  Covered Countries, the United States and the European Union to assist in  improving conditions on the ground. He is a frequent speaker on the  matter.

In addition, Mike has experience on international  standards development and is the recipient of three individual Motorola  Corporate Impact awards for standards activities. He has held leadership  positions within International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) TC111  and IEC’s Advisory Committee on EnvironentaAspects (ACEA).