A New Smelter Technology to Process Tantalite Bearing Minerals

AB Minerals has developed a new Made for Africa Eco-Friendly smelting technology to produce high purity Tantalum and Niobium


Corporate Vision 

To change the current value proposition for countries exporting their minerals at the lowest value, by installing multiple plants worldwide and transforming the minerals into higher value-added products directly in-country.

Project Highlights


The Technology

This new, disruptive Tantalite smelting technology does not use hydrofluoric acid. It is more  environmentally friendly, low cost and energy efficient. As a closed  system all gases and liquids are fed back into the process and waste material is non-mineralized, clean waste rock. 


The Plant

The  design is complete and can be installed and operational within 8  months. It's modular, scalable & can be located in any country where  there is an adequate supply of Tantalite bearing minerals. 



 AB Minerals is planning to construct several industrial scale plants to smelt Tantalite bearing ores and produce high purity Tantalum and  Niobium. These will be the first plants of their kind in Tantalite  producing countries. 

Environmental Impact of AB Minerals’ Eco-Friendly Coltan (Tantalite) Processing Solution

AB  Minerals’ summary of the environmental impact of chemicals used, gases,  water, waste rock and radioactivity from its new technology for  processing tantalite bearing ores. The solution addresses the challenges  of delivering a cost-effective separation technology through reduced  energy and water consumption while having minimal environmental impact.

This  environmentally friendly process will allow the extraction of tantalite  ores that would previously have been deemed uneconomical or unsafe to  transport. AB Minerals can install plants in any jurisdiction in the  world and meet even the most rigorous environmental standards.